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Updated: May 21, 2021

Hello, readers! In April, I submitted a picture book manuscript to the Bee Ethicool Author Competition. For the competition, each entrant needed to write a full picture book based on three illustrations by the AMAZING Francisco Fonseca. *See the three competition illustrations below!*

To be honest, I genuinely didn't think my manuscript would be 1 of the 4 selected since they received over 2,000+ entries...


This, in and of itself, is an awesome accomplishment, and I'm super proud for getting this far. Now it comes down to votes; whichever entry garners the most votes by May 16th, 2021 will receive a full, traditional publishing contract...I truly can't scream loudly enough to convey my excitement!

Here are the details about my entry (including the three illustrations by the very talented Francisco Fonseca):


When Rabbit wonders about Moon’s identity, the jungle awakens to share folklore from around the world. Is Moon a man with a lantern? The woman Chang’e and her pet rabbit Yutu? But no label seems right to Rabbit. Moon is just Moon, for the light shines brightly no matter what identity Moon chooses to have.


The message of identity acceptance in JUST MOON is extremely important to me (for my own children, especially) because all people – young and old – should feel comfortable choosing their own identity and accepting others’ personal choices, too. My story shares an outsider’s perspective to show children they don’t always need to understand someone’s identity; they only need to respect it. Rabbit doesn’t understand what Moon is. He? She? They? So, the other animals have guesses based on what they see of Moon’s surface. But the truth of who we are is not something that can be seen on the surface; it is the light inside us. It is the light we shine to brighten the darkness. These moonbeams we give to the world define us far better than any label possibly could.

Now, I need YOUR help! Click HERE to vote for your favorite entry. Please don't feel obligated to vote for mine (although I will greatly appreciate it if you do!) - voting for ANY of the writers will help someone publish their first book, and we all thank you tremendously for your contribution to our dreams coming true!

Remember: chin up, pen down - just keep writing!

With Gratitude,



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